Horse Riding in the Vivian Forest

Instructional Trails

Horseback Riding in York Regional Forest

Instructional Trails with Faith Equine Connection.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in either learning to ride or improving but would prefer to be out in nature and do not want do endless circles in a riding school setting, do come and try an Instructional Trail Ride with Faith. I offer instructional trails for all ages and abilities.

Total beginner:

I will ‘pony’ you – with a lead shank connected to your horse. You learn by riding side by side with me. We can talk at normal volume and I will demonstrate the correct hand, leg and body position so that you can watch and imitate (so much more natural and easy than trying to follow vocal commands).

You will experience the feeling of your horse walking and maybe trotting willingly and without any resistance. You will be able to accustom yourself to the movement and reactions of your horse without being overwhelmed with lots of instructions. To top it all, you get to be in nature.

Couples Rides are very popular!

Some experience:

I can take up to two riders and help you deal with issues as they come up:

Learn the etiquette of trail riding.

We can work on keeping the correct distance between yourself and other horses, how to ride safely side-by-side. We can practice improving our position in two-point, sitting and posting trot. We will canter under control and even jump over natural obstacles in the forest.

You will learn how to deal with spooking and reluctance to go past “scary monsters”.

You will learn how to breathe into your fear and transmit relaxation to a nervous horse…

Anything that can be done in an arena or riding ring can also be done out on a ride, it’s always possible to find an open grassy or sandy space to do a little bit of circle work.

We can even practice dismounting and remounting while out on a ride.

Experienced riders:

We offer active riding on fit horses for capable riders! We can work on lateral work and shoulder-in, collection and extension or we can just have fun.

Accompany me, Faith, on a fun ride, with canters and gallops in the forest, jumping logs and having a blast!!


By Natasha Ukolova

β€œFaith, thank you so much for the amazing trail ride today! You have no idea how much it has relaxed me and brought my spirits up. Seeing you is amazing – like always, I learn something new!I hope to come back sometime. I missed you and the horses! Still surprised how great Willow’s canter is ”

This from Nanette, my Sunday Willow rider:

“Love the Instructional Trails concept that Faith offers. The varying terrain teaches me to be vigilant as a rider and pay attention to multiple factors in riding – the dynamic physical environment – Willow’s response to both that and the cues that I may or may not be giving her (both intentionally and unintentionally).

Learning new things every week.”

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