About Us

About Us

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Have you ever thought of how much happiness it brings to a person and how wonderful one feels when one is riding a horse or one is spending quality time with one’s pets? Well the founders of our company “Faith Equine Connection” know the worth of that feeling and they thought of establishing a platform where people who know the skills can be linked with those who have the desire to learn.

The simple ideology behind the company is to nurture the talents of those specialized in providing teaching services and bring benefit to those who want to become professional by acquiring the just right skills and ample knowledge required to achieve perfection in horse riding. Along with that the emotional attachment that one has with one’s pets led the founders of our company to start additional services of providing health care to pets so the beauty of these wonderful creatures can be enhanced.

This business is not our vocation but rather it’s more of a vacation for us. We know the pleasure in horse riding and the love one has for one’s personal animals so our team is determined to enjoy themselves while working and take care of animals as their own personal ones and our top priority is customer satisfaction through our performance. We are not here to exploit our customers but to provide “Quality within Economy.” So we are anxiously waiting for you to contact us and entrust us with the responsibility of helping you out in any way possible.

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What Makes Us Different?

The exclusive services being provided by our company include providing Professionals for Horse Riding who are not only theoretical teachers but more of mentors who are dedicated in providing quality knowledge and practical skills to their pupils. Our coaches and professional instructors make it sure that our customers enjoy their time while riding. We have BSHII (Level 2) Instructors and Horse Trainers to make sure that our customers are satisfied during the coaching lessons. We also specialize in providing unparalleled services of Equine Laser Therapy and Horse massage with promising results.

markham animal laser therapyOur Laser Therapy services are the best choice for your dear pets suffering from medical conditions like sprains, wounds, arthritis, tendon damage, ligament impairment, swelling or muscle spasms and even surgical wound recovery. We know the worth of those lovely creatures and we feel their pain as well as your concern towards them so our aim is providing services that “increase quality of life” for your pets. Also we have introduced mobile services at your doorstep. This technique is doing wonders in humans and has excellent results in animals as well. So you don’t need to worry anymore as our quality services are just a call away.

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