My favorite quote:

The Horse.

By Ronald Duncan, 1954

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy

beauty without vanity?

Here, where grace is served with muscle

and strength by gentleness confined.

He serves without servility;

He has fought without enmity.

There is nothing so powerful,

nothing less violent.

There is nothing so quick,

nothing more patient.

I give you, the Horse.

The Horse by Ronald Duncan – read by Barry Corbin from F2 on Vimeo.


“Faith is such an accomplished teacher, trainer, coach and friend. She is so good at reading me while I am around the horses that I am always amazed.

She is firm but very patient and pushes me just enough without going too much past my comfort level.

As for horses, Faith understands them! She knows how to get beyond their fears and make them do what is asked.

Patience with both me and the horse is very prevalent in Faith’s teaching method.” 
Sharon Promm. 2012


“At the time when Faith started working with me, I had already been riding and competing for over ten years. Faith found the ‘gaps’ in my foundation riding skills and set up a program of exercises to strengthen my areas of weakness.

She was also the first coach to explain the ‘cause and effect’ of a particular position or aid, and I found that, for me, knowing ‘why’ made a huge difference. The overall result of Faith’s coaching was a significant improvement in my riding abilities and for the first time I actually felt confident over fences!
Now, years later, I still draw on many of the foundation skills that Faith instilled in me, and I am grateful that she encouraged me to be a ‘thinking rider’.”

Kelly Jacobsen

Hands High Equine Services


“I highly recommend Faith as a coach of Natural Horsemanship. During my lessons with Faith she remained focused on the goals I had made for my riding.

Faith was empathetic to my personal needs and abilities as a rider. Her skill with horses and her love of the animals always was apparent.”

Marion McKlean

Article by Faith.

Always admired dressage? Want to learn true dressage?

It’s hard to find somewhere to learn on the perfect schoolmaster.

Well, in this case it’s the perfect schoolmistress!

Willow will help you to learn – she will show you what true collection feels like.

You’ll experience the most AMAZING extended trot.

You CAN do flying changes and counter canter!

Shoulder in? A cinch!

Half pass, renvers, travers. Are these terms that confuse you? I can help you to understand and learn how to ask for them correctly.

Come for dressage lessons in a large, bright arena.

We are NOT a riding school, we are a quiet, friendly barn.

I am a fully insured and certified coach, trained in England. Have been teaching riding for over 30 years!

Give the gift of riding and horse time with Faith

We offer certificates for everything from a one-on-one lesson to a full month series of lessons. A single ride in the forest or a group of up to four riders.

I can offer everything from total beginner to advanced rider lessons in dressage.

My specialty is helping adults who have had a lifelong fear/fascination of horses. No expectation, no agenda – just time to get to know and understand these gentle souls.

We have a large, bright arena and warm viewing lounge.

I can offer trail riding in the gorgeous York Regional Forest.

Yes, trail riding can be done in the winter, as long as it’s not too icy or deep.

Article by Faith.

Rug, blanket, rainsheet or naked? That is the question…

When you have horses that live outside 24/7 they need to be protected from wind and rain.

During this mid-season period, with fluctuating weather and temperatures, it’s so difficult to know what to put on your horse.

When I was growing up in England the rule was;

“Once you start blanketing, don’t stop” and vice versa.

I’m not sure about the logic of that. Horses can get seriously uncomfortable and sweaty under a blanket on a warm day – then that sweat leaves them damp and clammy when it cools down in the night.

Our enemies are RAIN and WIND.

Rain can get right into a summer coat that hasn’t yet built an under layer, which means that there is no ‘loft’ to provide a laminar layer of warmth. Add wind, and your horse is going to get cold.

When temperatures are low (below 12 celcius) and your horse is wet, this can really lower body temperatures, which can reduce ability to fight infection and also burns up a lot of energy.

It’s important to switch between lightweight rain sheet and mid season blanket as the need arises.

Every horse is different:

My 15 year old gelding, Dandy, has such a good thick coat already and good body fat, that I don’t need to even put a rain sheet or anything on – ever! But my TB mare Paris starts to shiver very easily. And Willow, at 28 needs to retain all the weight she can. So she and the Thoroughbred are in lightweight, midseason blankets now. But I take them off during the warmer days.

During winter, with it’s snow, ice and wind it’s not so bad. As long as the coat is thick and horses can get out of the wind they really don’t mind how cold it gets. They can remain comfortable down to minus 30C!

Please bear in mind that, although a blanket can protect from wet and wind, it also squashes the coat flat – thus reducing nature’s own insulation. No man-made fibre is as good as your horse’s natural thick winter coat!

By Faith.

At Faith Equine Connection we offer riding and experiences with horses that are specifically TAILORED FOR WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE!

Are you 40, 50 or even 60 plus?

It’s not too late to fulfill that dream or to revisit the early days when you rode before.

I, Faith, can bring horses into your life gently and safely.

I can give you the opportunity to finally get back on a horse and find those childhood joyful moments again.

By Faith.


They ground us with their connection to all that is earthy and natural. Yet they lift us higher than we could ever imagine going!

Being around horses often helps us face our fears –

fears that we didn’t realise were blocking us from the gateway to love and happiness.

By Faith.

If you – or anyone you know – is interested in either learning to ride or improving but do NOT want do endless circles in a riding school setting, contact me, Faith, on this page.

I offer “Instructional Trails” for all ages and abilities.

Total beginner: I can ‘pony’ you – with a lead shank connected to your horse. You learn by riding side by side with me. There’s no shouting and no relying on trying to understand verbal instructions… you can learn by watching and imitating.

Some experience: I can take up to two riders and help you deal with issues as they come up;

We can work on keeping your correct distance, shortening and lengthening stride, two point and posting trot, canter and even jumping over natural obstacles in the forest. You will learn how to deal with spooking and reluctance to go past “scary monsters”. You will learn how to breathe into your fear and transmit relaxation to a nervous horse…

Experienced rider: We offer active riding on fit horses for capable riders! Accompany me, Faith, on a fun ride, with canters and gallops in the forest, jumping logs and having a blast!!

By Faith.

I had a question today:

What is the difference between Natural Horsemanship and Parelli?

My answer:

Pat Parelli is a person. He has developed one form of natural horsemanship. So has Monty Roberts, Chris Irwin and many others. Pat Parelli created a whole system of training called The Parelli Method or The Seven Games.
I use some of Parelli’s methods, some of Chris Irwin’s, some of my own from growing up with with cows and horses and some of our local horse whisperer Gary Convery’s. Gary was my mentor at Pleasure Valley. Sadly he died in 2005. 
Natural Horsemanship is the term that describes what myself and all these people do. 
A lot of our methods are similar, as they are all a result of studying and understanding the natural instincts, body language and reactions of wild and domesticated horses…

I got this from my friend Natasha, had to share!

Status Update

By Natasha Ukolova

Faith, thank you so much for the amazing trail ride today! You have no idea how much it has relaxed me and brought my spirits up. Seeing you is amazing – like always, I learn something new!

I hope to come back sometime. I missed you and the horses! Still surprised how great Willow’s canter is

This from Nanette, my Sunday Willow rider:

“Love the Instructional Trails concept that Faith offers.

The varying terrain teaches me to be vigilant as a rider and pay attention to multiple factors in riding – the dynamic physical environment – Willow’s response to both that and the cues that I may or may not be

giving her (both intentionally and unintentionally).

Learning new things every week.”

By Faith.

I thought I would share with you one of my teaching analogies:

Maybe it’s because I am also a goldsmith and designer jeweller that I teach my students to imagine that their horse is a treasure trunk of tarnished jewels and broken gold.

I (the trainer/coach) give them the tools to polish and fix. This is done through seemingly endless repetition until muscles and mind can work together with the horse.

They can then (in specific exercises) bring the treasure out, one piece at a time, and polish and fix, until eventually, they can wear the gorgeous gems and shimmering gold and show them off!


If you have ever wanted to learn to ride, Faith Arnold-Dentay at Faith Equine Connection is the person to see.

Faith is an amazing teacher, she explains the why and how to ride properly.

She is super patient and encouraging, never gets frustrated even when she has had to say the same thing over and over.

Faith is a master teacher. You can truly see how much she loves what she does, as well as how much she loves the horses.

Thanks Faith for having the patience to keep reminding me about my technique over and over!

Nicole Triggs also enjoyed our lesson today! Nicole did exceptionally well due in part to Faith’s caring and patient teaching!

If anyone is looking to board or take some lessons, Faith is the lady to see! What an incredible bond she has with these horses!!

Oh and Faith, I will let you know if I can walk tomorrow!! Lol

Truly though thanks so much today! See u again soon!”

Lorri Sewell


(I had to share this heart warming message from one of my students)

“Faith – Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to teaching. I have learned so much and I’m so touched by your sensitivity and kindness.

I’m looking forward to very many more lessons.


By Faith.

I just got a booking for a Mum and daughter ride on Monday and the daughter was saying how it was such a nice thing to do on a long weekend…

Bring your Mum – or your Dad, or your spouse – for a fun time with gentle horses!

You will spend two hours with your horse, half an hour catching, brushing and tacking up your horse, a full hour in the saddle, either on the trails or in the sand ring or arena to brush up on your riding skills – and half an hour untacking and hosing your horse down and turning back out into the pasture. 
You will be supervised at all times and there is help available for any aspects that you are not familiar with…

Introduction to our horses:

We have four beautiful school horses:

DANDY: Lusitano/Canadian. 17hh black gelding. 15 years old. Dandy has the smoothest trot! He is soft to the leg and hand and helps riders learn about connection. He excels on the trails, loves to see what’s going on in the world and will give you a safe and comfortable ride.

WILLOW: Belgian bay Warmblood bay mare. 15.3hh and 27 years old. Willow has been there, done that! She competed at Third Level dressage – look it up – that includes collection, half pass, canter changes, renvers, travers…. She a schoolmistress beyond compare! She also loves to go out hacking and will give you a safe and enjoyable time.

JAKE: Quarterhorse. 15hh chestnut gelding. 20 years old. Experienced and polite gentleman. Jake is kind and safe for beginners and nervous riders and yet fun and challenging for the more experienced rider. He loves to jump!

ROBBIE: 16.2hh Appaloosa gelding. Robbie is a lovely strong boy. Gentle to handle and safe to ride. He is willing and attentive to the commands. He loves to be at the front on trail rides and he’s super to ride in lessons.

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