Equine Massage Therapy – York Region

Equine Massage Therapy

equine massage therapy markhamOrdinary people can never understand how far one can go for the health and well being of one’s pet.  At Faith Equine Connection, we understand how equine massage therapy feels for your pet. We know the worth of these lovely creatures. We understand that their health is equally important as their beauty. In fact these pet animals are less of pets and more of your best friends. These animals are very sensitive creatures and require special care and attention. The ultimate goal of our massage therapy program is to treat existing ailments. Our aim is improving the quality of life of your pets. Moreover we wish to enhance the already present natural beauty of your animal. Also if your dear pet is suffering from any medical issue we have laser therapy as well.

Message Therapy

We all know that a healthy mind requires a healthy body. The beautiful body of your pet needs your care. Our massage therapy surely caters to fulfill this requirement. Your animal will feel relaxed. Equine massage therapy is a preventive therapy used to avoid many future problems like sprains, tendon damage, ligament impairment, muscle spasms and many others. These problems can be prevented before they even start.

Laser Therapy

laser therapy for horses newmarket

Laser therapy for Dogs & Cats

Additionally, our laser therapy service is the one of the best treatments available for your pets. Laser therapy can treat any physical or musculoskeletal condition like sprains, wounds, arthritis, tendon damage, ligament impairment, swelling or muscle spasms and even surgical wounds. This is beneficial in three ways. First, laser therapy will reduce the swelling. Then it will cure the pain in that area. Finally it will increase the healing process. Moreover we assure you that we will leave no stone unturned to make sure the beauty of your pet is renewed and revived. We feel their pain as well as your concern towards them. You will definitely see us serving your pets like they are our own. Our physiotherapy services are not restricted to horses only. However horses are our main expertise. We also cater to take care of companion animals like cats and dogs.

Our Service to Your Door Step

We provide our unmatched equine massage therapy  services to your door step. Our services are available in Toronto and York region. Whenever any problem arises you just need to contact us as soon as possible. Once you tell us your problem, it instantly becomes our issue. Then you will see how we try our level best in resolving it. Whether it’s Stouffville or Richmond Hill we can reach you when you need us.  We don’t stop until your pet is fully treated. Our equine massage therapy also extends to Markham, Newmarket and Aurora.

So whether it’s Laser therapy you need or our therapeutic message therapy, we are just a call away.