Laser Therapy for Dogs

Laser Therapy for Dogs – Let Them Heal Fast & Comfortably

Dogs are man’s best friend. We enjoy their company and playing with them is such a great pastime. They become an additional member of our family.

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Typical Laser Treatment

That is the reason why, when they are in pain, we want to give them the relief they need. Laser therapy for dogs is a perfect solution for treating whatever pain they are experiencing.

How Animal Laser Treatment Works

Cold laser therapy for dogs is a non-invasive procedure that uses light for increasing blood circulation and stimulating cell generation. It is applied on the surface of the skin. Dogs with arthritis, soft tissues or tendon injuries can benefit from this treatment as it promotes wound healing and helps the animals get the relief they sorely need. Employing laser treatment for dogs, your beloved pet can heal easily and quickly whenever it is suffering from pain.

Laser therapy is known for its ability to treat chronic and acute injuries, strains and sprains, arthritis, muscular-skeletal abnormalities and swelling because of problems in the back disc. The treatment can also help in regenerating nerve tissue and wounds after surgery.

Preparation for Laser Treatment

Most dogs find laser treatment to be relaxing and somehow enjoy the treatment. Unlike other treatments, laser therapy for dogs does not require you to clip or shave the area where the dog needs to be treated. They do not even need to be sedated for the process.

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Before laser treatment for dogs is started, the owner should first be given a full physical diagnosis by a veterinarian, probably including an X-ray. This will determine the cause of the problem before anything else is done. If your dog is suffering from injuries or arthritis, you can help them heal using cold laser therapy for dogs; cats too, for that matter. It will be twice or thrice a week sessions. It will then decrease until it became a weekly session. However, it the condition of your pet is advanced, the treatment sessions might increase to ensure that you will get the best result for your pet. You cannot over-use laser therapy.

Laser therapy for dogs and cats

Not just for dogs, but kitty too!

Results Are Dramatically Effective

After the laser treatment, you can see your dog going up the stairs without effort and play with you once again. They will get back to their daily routine in no time. When this happens, you can reduce or eliminate the medication he is taking and lessen the treatments.

Laser therapy for dogs does not cause any unwanted side effect for your pet. The skin of your pet will not burn with this laser treatment unlike alternative methods. With laser treatment, you can rest assured that your dog will have the most advanced method to heal him and help him get the relief he needs.

laser therapy for dogs newmarketWhen you see your dog suffering from an injury, do not let him endure it. Let him undergo a cold laser treatment regimen and heal. If you are looking for laser therapy for dogs, which is both effective and economical, Faith Equine Connection in Stouffville has something for you. Not only will she come to your home or residence, but also she will provide the best and most caring treatment that will truly heal your pet. Be you in Toronto or other towns & cities such as Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora and Markham, let your friend get the best treatment and find his comfort and renew his spirit once again.

Laser Therapy is the best non-invasive procedure for animal healing.

Dogs, cats and horses love it.