Beginner Horse Riding Lesson

A typical Beginner Horse Riding Lesson with Faith Equine Connection.

markham equine therapistImagine this. You’ve had a busy week and you’ve been looking forward to the first proper horse-riding lesson of your life! Situated east of Newmarket, north of Toronto, you arrive at Faith Equine Connection and drive past the two gargolyes at the gate, past the house to the barn. You feel a little bit anxious as you park your car but you soon feel at ease as Faith greets you and shows you around.

About Faith.

Faith has been teaching riding for over thirty years, in England, Italy, the USA and Canada, and has formed her own style and method, having put together all the most effective techniques she has learned and practiced over the years. She has great empathy for both her students and her horses and a wealth of experience to call on in any situation. You know you are in good hands.


Before your first horse riding lesson, there will be a waiver to sign and, if you don’t have your own current safety standard helmet, there is a selection for you to try on. If you don’t have the right boots for riding (a sturdy boot with a small heel), there is also a selection of boots in a variety of sizes. You will typically spend two hours at the barn, one hour in the saddle and one hour handling, grooming and tacking up your horse.

Meeting your horse.

Then you will be introduced to your horse. You may go with Faith and fetch the horses from the paddock or your horse may be waiting for you in her stall.Catching horses in from their paddock is part of the education you’ll eventually receive.

Then comes the grooming, you will be assisted with this and the different brushes and equipment will be explained to you as you go along. Grooming is a great time to get to know your mount, their personality and their size.

The Lesson.

Then starts the actual horse riding lesson! You lead your horse into the arena. There will be a short time of leading the horses around and learning how to move them where you want from the ground. This is a perfect time to have explained to you the function of the rider’s leg on the side of the horse when riding and also the function of the reins, both on the horse’s neck and in it’s mouth from the bit.

Faith will then demonstrate how to mount up, where your legs should sit against the horse and how to hold the reins.

Then comes the part you’ve been waiting for! You swing your leg over and you’re in the saddle! It feels high up and it MOVES!!

The horse starts to walk! Faith will be leading your horse from the ground, keeping an eye on you and giving you reassurance and advice as you go along.

From there on things vary depending on the rider, their body awareness and comfort level. Faith will probably attach your horse’s halter to a long rope, the ‘lunge line’ and she will gently send the horse in circles around her. That way you, the rider, can relax and concentrate on the feelings underneath you and how your body is reacting, knowing that she is controlling the speed and direction of your horse. Faith generally teaches a rider through walks and halts, on to trotting – both posting and sitting! Yes! In your first horse riding lesson with Faith you will experience safely trotting, without bouncing! Hopefully, you will be laughing out loud by that point!

Every horse riding lesson will include some stretching and balancing exercises, they usually come in the middle of the lesson, when both you and your mount have warmed up. They are initially carried out at the halt. Horses like this part!!

horseback riding student from newmarketThen will come some practice at learning how to feel for the movement of your horse and how to move freely with it. The rhythmic swaying from side to side is great for the back! You can even learn to identify which foot is hitting the ground at any given moment – without looking down – just from the feel of the movement!

Towards the end of your allotted hour, you will be walking around the arena without anyone leading you, turning, stopping and moving off again, all on your own!

Then it will be time to dismount. You will be supported and helped down and you will hug your horse!

There’s more.

Then it’s back to the barn where you will untack the horse, take off the saddle and bridle, wash the bit and learn how to put them away in the tack room. You will groom your horse again and, in winter, put its blanket back on and take it back to the paddock.

You will be feeling exhilarated and excited to tell your friends and show them the photos that were taken while you were doing all of the above! You will want to come back – because the second ride could be a trail ride in the beautiful forest, weather permitting!

Faith Arnold. Faith Equine Connection. March 2017

Horseback Riding Professionals

Learning Horseback Riding From the Best

newmarket horseback riding school

Faith Arnold & Friends

Horses are heavenly animals. They are gift from above meant to let us experience the wonderful joy of horseback riding. Before you can have the freedom of doing so, it is important that you learn how to do it correctly, first. Riding a horse may look simple and easy when you watch it live. And the numerous readily available horse riding video training courses out there make it seem easy. However, that is not the case. Watching videos may prep you, but they will never provide real life experience. And that’s what it’s all about anyway! Learning how to ride a horse will need your patience, perseverance and will to succeed. Whether you’re from Toronto, Markham or Newmarket, Faith Equine Connection  can help you on that matter.

Professionally Trained Horseback Rider

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Faith Arnold can help you develop the equestrian in you. With years of practical experience, and British Horse Society training, you can become the best horse rider that you could ever be.

horseback riding student from newmarket

Training a young student

For inexperienced riders, their instructors take the responsibility of ensuring the safety and progress of the students in their horseback riding lessons. For the experienced ones, the coaching at Faith Equine Connection in Stouffville will guide and help students to perfect their techniques. This leads students to considerably improved performance. They provide different horse riding disciplines where they teach the students different riding tactics. This enhances the experience; be it for pleasure or to increase their competitive level.

Horseback Riding Safety & Techniques

The horse riding training they provide consists of lessons where they teach the students how they can find their balance on a horse. They learn how they can communicate with the animal. It also includes tips and practical techniques on how they can find harmony with their horse.

At Faith Equine Connection, they use tame, gentle and experienced horses for their horseback riding lessons, especially in training beginners. Horse care is a priority and the loving treatment of animals ensures a pleasant experience on the trail. Younger and inexperienced horses can often be difficult, awkward and hard to please, which might put the trainee’s life in danger. Your safety is always first and foremost of their priorities.

horse training stouffvilleFaith will prepare and develop you from someone who has no knowledge of horseback riding into a learned student. Someone who knows how to ride and understands the rules, guidelines and techniques for the sport. There are also horse riding videos and books on this website. This type of learning can be helpful. They teach the  safety rules of riding. This allows students  to enjoy their riding experience and help avoid any kind of preventable injuries. They also provide an understanding of what is required for success. But they don’t provide the experience. That’s what Faith provides.

The Karma of Horse Riding Training

The horse riding training and coaching at Faith Equine Connection focuses on enjoyment. The staff takes pleasure in teaching young and capable kids to ride. Watching a rider develop from someone who knew nothing about horseback riding into a capable rider is rewarding.   The efforts they have given in teaching them is magically returned with feelings of joy and satisfaction.

The horse riding training they provide is not just geared at improving riding skills. It’s also meant to help them improve  in other areas. At Faith Equine Connection, you are not just going to learn pleasure riding or competition-worthy riding techniques. They will encourage  your self confidence to blossom fully.

When it comes to horseback riding lessons from Toronto to Richmond Hill and other nearby towns, cities and communities, the staff at Faith Equine Connection definitely know their stuff. The horse riding knowledge they share with their students is first class. Anyone who has a knack for horseback riding will soon find evidence of how dedicated and passionate they are with their profession. You are bound to learn plenty with the experience they have in store for you. You will surely learn from the best.

Horse Riding in Stouffville & Newmarket

Horse Riding Stouffville and Newmarket

I remember clearly the day I decided that offering connection horse riding vivian fforest stouffvillewith horses was where my true joy is. After teaching for over 30 years it was such a relief to realize that I no longer had to make horses go around in endless circles, no longer stress myself by thinking that I have to offer ‘more action’.

When I listen to my clients, I find that, so often, what they truly seek is LESS action – more peace, love and connection with horses and nature. Where else can one find this?

Most riding establishments follow the age old, traditional pattern. Ride for an hour in a riding ring, walk, trot, canter, a couple of new exercises, maybe a couple of jumps – often bouncing, bumping, kicking and sweating. Do you get the feeling that somewhere along the road you lost touch with that childhood dream of riding through meadows, with the wind on your face, breathing the sweet country aroma, stopping to enjoy the view while your trustee steed munched on tasty grass?

When you come to Faith Equine Connection you get a horse experience tailored to YOUR DREAM, whether that be simply hanging out in the paddock, grooming, getting to understand horse body language or learning how to be a truly comfortable and effective rider.
We can walk gently over the lovely countryside or gallop madly up hills, jumping logs and laughing out loud!
It’s YOUR choice!