Equine Massage Therapy

Equine Massage Therapy Procedures

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Equine massage therapy was developed to aid horses, akin to the same procedure used to alleviate physical issues in humans. The typical conditions that the human body develops, are also found in horses. These ailments include pain, stress, circulation and joint mobility. An understanding of the equine skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and nervous system is a prerequisite to provide the assistance required to help our animals lead a stress free and painless life. It also allows their owners to enjoy the full potential of their horses.

Horse Massage 101

A fundamental understanding of the anatomy of horses is essential for the application of equine massage treatments. Massage therapy techniques require the knowledge of a horse’s musculoskeletal system along with the nervous and circulatory system. Additionally the integumentary system and the visceral system require thorough knowledge. The physiology of a horse is also mandatory in order to ensure an effective massage. This includes a comprehension of all major body organs and their functions in the equine.

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Equine Pathology & Kinesiology

Knowledge of equine pathology is also a factor for a horse masseur or masseuse. An understanding of both equine diseases and body mechanics is required in order to determine the correct application of the massage treatment. Congenital, degenerative and inflammatory conditions have a significant role in the choice of treatment. An excellent book from Wiley on pathology can be found here: Wiley-Pathology Kinesiology, or body movements and mechanics, is also examined prior to equine massage therapy.

Equine Massage Theory and Techniques

The theory and physiological effects of equine massage must be thoroughly understood prior to applying any treatments. Faith Arnold has completed several British Horse Society (BHS) courses. This education enables her to take a clinical approach to treatments. She use treatment plans that are both safe and effective. She also uses safe and effective manipulations in her practice of equine massage therapy.

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Equine Behaviour & Management

Understanding normal and abnormal behaviour of a horse is a prerequisite to increasing the ability to communicate with a horse. These techniques are part of her BHS training. Being able to communicate with a horse is essential to an understanding of its issues. In turn, this ensures that diagnoses and associated treatment plans can be implemented with the confidence of a positive result.

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Professionalism & Ethics

All qualified and registered equine massage therapists are required to follow a code of ethics. Additionally they must abide to a standards of practice policy. This ensures quality and consistency in the equine industry. The code of ethics represents how a practitioner should present her or himself while standards of practice gives the owner an indication of the steps taken to perform the therapy.


Code of Ethics for Equine Massage Therapists

  • Respect for animals and clients, keeping records confidential & treating animals humanely
  • Responsible & professional caring and should issues arise, referring other professionals
  • Relationship integrity and keeping the animal’s interest a priority
  • Being responsible to society, ongoing professional training & collaboration with other professionals

Standards of Practice

  • Interview owner/veterinarian to determine treatment goals
  • Obtain health & use records for horse to determine treatment
  • Determine & assess horse’s use & condition to determine suitability
  • Explain treatment plan to owner and/or veterinarian
  • Obtain owner’s consent and permission to discuss treatment with veterinarian
  • Prepare treatment area to ensure a clean, dry and safe area
  • Personal hygiene especially between horse treatments
  • Safety to include the prescence of a handler if necessary
  • Preparation of horse to include cleaning of affected areas by owner
  • Methodology & techniques of massage therapy to adhere to approved guidlines
  • Humane treatment to prevent cruelty & benefit animal welfare and to report any evidence to veterinarian or appropriate authorities.
  • Continued education to increase knowledge and enhance techniques

Equine Massage Therapy – Summary

As can be seen from the aforementioned details, a certified horse laser therapist must spend a considerable time to attain the status required to provide services to the equine community.

As a riding coach, masseuse and horse trainer, Faith has additional qualifications to assist your animal with her technical skills as a laser therapist. Faith is based in Stouffville but has served clients throughout York Region including Barrie, Newmarket, Markham, Aurora and Richmond Hill. You can learn more about her abilities and procedures by clicking the appropriate skill set below. If you would like to contact Faith, click here: Contact Faith

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