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Newmarket Equine Therapist on Horse Pain

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Typical horse massage

Horses are just like humans. They experience feelings like anger, agitation, exhaustion and above all, pain. As equine therapists, we’re well aware that like humans, horses also feel discomfort and pain in their muscles, internal organs and joints. Just like us, they want relief and to feel comfortable once again. With equine therapist services, they can. It is a service that provides corrective treatment for horses and ushers in sorely needed relief.

Our Services Include Laser Therapy

Our equine friends deserve to be treated whenever they are feeling pain and discomfort. An equine therapist can ease the pain and allow them to feel comfortable again. Faith Equine Connection provides not only conventional equine massage therapy. She also provides animal laser therapy. Laser treatments are not just beneficial to horses but also to companion animals such as dogs & cats Even humans can benefit from cold laser therapy, as many people who are treated by chiropractors will attest to.

The Fast Healing Power of Laser Treatments

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Faith treating horse with cold laser

Cold laser therapy has immense power for healing wounds, treating arthritic pain along with other painful conditions. Sprains and ligament damage also heal fast with laser therapy. Humans are not the only ones who can take advantage from the latest  technological advances. Our animals can now do so as well. Animal laser therapy can surely improve the well being of our animals and relieve them from suffering pain.

Faith Arnold trained at the respected British Horse Society (BHS) . She is a fully accredited and competent equine therapist. Faith is focused on making sure that your horse will get the correct treatment required to treat its condition. Her services extend from Toronto to Barrie, although most of her clients are in the Markham, Stouffville and Newmarket area.

A True Horse Lover

Like you, horses have a special place in Faith’s heart. Owners only want the best for their animals, and naturally so. And the best is what Faith delivers. Her love of horses from childhood in England shines through when treating your horse, dog or cat. You’ll find evidence of this from the moment you meet her. She delivers exactly what the animal needs.

Stouffville Equine Laser Therapist and Horse Trainer Faith Arnold


Whether you are looking for horse massage services or an animal laser therapist take comfort. Know that you are in good hands. So will your horse or companion animal. You can rest assured knowing that your animals are receiving the best quality and care available in York region. Top quality laser equipment, BHS training and an innate love of animals are the essentials that provide that assurance. Faith’s fee schedule is also extremely modest, and her on-site travel fee is unheard of.

Not Just an Equine Therapist

Markham animal laser therapyYou can also consider contacting us for horse riding coaching. Physical assistance such as equine laser therapy & horse massage are our specialties. Faith is one of the few practitioners who offers this service in Toronto.  She uses advanced technologies when offering her treatments. You will be surprised at the affordable cost. In addition, we offer companion animal laser treatments for your canine and feline pets. Feel free to contact us to get more information about her services. You’ll get all of your questions or concerns clarified.

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