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Horse Training

markham horse training expert Faith Arnold

Horse Training Expert Faith Arnold

Horses are considered as trainable and useful animals. You can think about using horses for a variety of activities such as recreation, sports, farming and even warfare. The excellent level of endurance and strength that is possessed by horses is considered an extremely valuable attribute. In addition, horses are gifted with tremendous physical qualities. They are receptive to human commands. As a result, horse training has become a popular topic among equestrian aficionados.

Specialized Horse Training

Horses can easily be specialized and trained in order to thrive at any task that they are assigned to. For example, horses can be trained to do police work because of their intelligent behavior. In addition, horses are trained in order to be used on farms. However, ordinary people will not be able to train their horses in an effective manner. That’s why they need to seek the assistance of a professional horse training facility. Faith Arnold-Dentay has an innate love of horses. That’s why, at an early age, she decided to train at the British Horse Society. Training at this world renowned society is one of the reasons Faith is exceptional in her chosen field.

Horse Training Psychology

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Prepping for Training

To train horses in an effective manner, it is important for the trainers to have a clear understanding about the animal’s psychological welfare. During formal training, horse trainers are provided with the knowledge and understanding  to assess a horse’s state of being. As a result, they know how to train a horse in the best possible manner. This ensures effective results within a short period of time. In addition, gradual training is important to get the best results out of horse training. Just like dogs, horses prefer to see their trainer as the leader. However, it is also important to keep in mind that some horses are dominant. Many also possess natural leadership qualities. The horse trainers are aware of this fact. They know how to provide appropriate training in order to end up achieving the best possible results.

Where We Train Horses

If you are from Toronto or any other nearby town such as Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket or Aurora, we’re available. You can easily consider seeking our assistance for professional horse training services throughout York region. We don’t just offer horse training services. You can also contact us and seek the assistance of a professional horse riding coach or instructor. Also provided is horse massage and certified cold laser therapy. The years of experience that we have in horse riding and coaching gives us the confidence to deliver the best possible services.


Not Just Horse Training

You can also consider contacting us for horse laser treatments. Physical assistance such as equine laser therapy & horse massage are our specialties. Faith is one of the few practitioners who offers this service in Toronto.  She uses advanced technologies when offering her treatments. You will be surprised at the affordable cost. In addition, we offer companion animal laser treatments for your canine and feline pets. Feel free to contact us to get more information about her services. You’ll get all of your questions or concerns clarified.

As a riding coach, masseuse and horse trainer, Faith has additional qualifications, She’ll assist your animal with her technical skills as a laser therapist. Faith is based in Stouffville Clients served throughout York Region including  Barrie, Newmarket, Markham, Aurora and Richmond Hill.

You can learn more about her abilities and procedures by clicking the appropriate skill set below. If you would like to contact Faith, click here: Contact Faith

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