Laser Therapy for Animals

What is Laser Therapy

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At Faith Equine Connection, we provide laser therapy for animals, mainly horses but also companion animals such as dogs and cats. But before we tell you about our services, we think it’s important to understand how laser therapy works and why it is so effective. Because it is. Most people have no concept how light can actually speed healing, reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Lasers can do all three.

Laser therapy is a revolutionary method for healing. The word laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation“.  Developed in 1960, there are a variety of uses for lasers in industry and medicine including laser printers, bar code scanners, DNA sequencing, fibre optics, welding and cutting machines and specifically for our topic, medicine.

Laser Devices for Medicine

Laser devices for medicine typically fall into two categories. One is used for surgical procedures, much like an electronic scalpel. Uses include laser eye surgery and for internal operational procedures such as blocked arteries and angioplasties. They are also used for skin resurfacing, foot and ankle surgery, gastro-intestinal and dental surgery. The second type of laser is typically used for healing, and for our discussion here, these lasers are typically called therapeutic or cold lasers. These cold lasers are broken down even more, but without being too technical and keeping on topic we will keep it at that. If you’d like to find out more details about the benefits of lasers, you can read about how it dramatically saved one heart patient’s life at  And for more technical details check out Wikipedia’s definition at

Laser Therapy for Animals and Humans

Therapeutic, or cold laser therapy is used to promote tissue healing. It is used by numerous professionals. Veterinarians, chiropractors and medical practitioners all use therapeutic lasers to treat patients suffering from a variety of ailments including wounds, arthritis, surgical recovery, tendon and ligament healing, sprains, swelling and muscle spasms. You perhaps noticed the device is not restricted to humans. Laser therapy for animals is equally effective.

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How Does It Work

laser therapy heals horsesSo, what does light have to do with healing? This is not meant to be treatise on quantum theory, but simply put, the entire universe is nothing but energy. And light is a powerful medium for energy. The concentrated light produced by a laser could be considered extremely powerful energy. When a laser is applied to cell tissue, the energy delivered has a remarkable effect on the cells, resulting in healing the cell tissues in three ways or pathways:

  1. The ATP Pathway accelerates healing.
  2. The Nitric Oxide pathway decreases inflammation.
  3. The Lipid Absorption pathway decreases pain.

A brief description of the ATP pathway will provide an understanding of how laser therapy enables such rapid healing to damaged or diseased cells.

A damaged cell is said to be in ‘protective’ mode as opposed to its normal state or ‘growth’ mode. To return a damaged cell to growth mode, something must happen to stimulate it. Here’s what happens when a laser is applied to the damaged cells.

Within the cell’s outer ‘skin’ or membrane there is a fluid called cytoplasm. Within the cytoplasm there is a nucleus and internal sub-structures known as organelles. One of these organelles is known as a mitochondrion. It’s considered to be the power plant or the furnace of the cell. It’s job is to send energy to the nucleus. And the nucleus contains the DNA which is responsible for cell growth and reproduction.

laser stimulates mitochondriaBut then….

When a cell is damaged, the mitochondrion doesn’t work too well. When laser therapy is applied, the energy from the light stimulates the mitochondrion. This causes the mitochondrion to absorb more glucose which then begins to produce more ATP. This chemical energy is then delivered to the nucleus restoring its ability to grow and reproduce.

As aforementioned, there are two other pathways that decrease pain and decrease inflammation. There are explanations available for these as well, but suffice to say that effect produced by cold laser is equally dramatic to restore cells to their natural growth state

Procedures and Costs of Laser Treatment

Faith works in collaboration with veterinarians, but advises that you check with your own vet before embarking on laser therapy procedures. This is for your own peace of mind, as therapeutic lasers are completely safe unless they are shined in the eyes. For this reason, protective glasses are used during the procedure.

Watch Video on Faith’s Laser Therapy for Animals

What To Expect

  • Allow up to an hour for the initial visit and about half an hour for subsequent visits
  • A veterinarian report and diagnosis, if available, is helpful
  • A clean, dry working surface is essential
  • A dust-free environment is required
  • Please ensure that your animal is not sweaty or dirty on the surfaces requiring laser
  • A quiet interruption free environment ensures a better treatment

Treatment Schedule

  • faith's laser treatmentsAcute: for a condition up to 2 weeks old – 4 to 6 treatments
  • Sub-Acute: for a condition up to 5 months old – 7 to 16 treatments
  • Chronic: over 3 months old – 17 to 25 treatments


Each treatment is $45 plus a call out fee of $10. If there is more than 1 patient at the location, this call out fee can be shared.

Ancillary Services and Credentials

Faith Arnold-Dentay is an active local horsewoman, certified laser technician, equine masseuse, riding coach and horse trainer. She has over 40 years ‘in the saddle’ and 30 years teaching experience. In addition to her laser certification, Faith was trained with the British Horse Society (BHS). The BHS is an official accredited body for awarding qualifications. In Great Britain it is difficult to gain any sort of professional insurance as a freelance instructor without gaining those professional qualifications.

Faith has successfully completed the BHSII – BHS Intermediate Instructor – BHSAI + Intermediate Horse Care exam and Stage 4 riding exam. Over 20 years in Canada has led Faith to become a keen advocate of natural horsemanship and care. She has owned and shown both dogs and horses and has been a proud cat owner all her life.

As a riding coach, masseuse and horse trainer, Faith has the additional qualifications to provide laser therapy for animals and humans. Faith is based in Stouffville but has served clients throughout York Region including Barrie, Newmarket, Markham, Aurora and Richmond Hill. You can learn more about her abilities and procedures by clicking the appropriate skill set below. If you would like to contact Faith, click here: Contact Faith

Laser Therapy is the best non-invasive procedure for animal healing.

Dogs, cats and horses love it.

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