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Faith Arnold & Friends

Horses are heavenly animals. They are gift from above meant to let us experience the wonderful joy of horseback riding. Before you can have the freedom of doing so, it is important that you learn how to do it correctly, first. Riding a horse may look simple and easy when you watch it live. And the numerous readily available horse riding video training courses out there make it seem easy. However, that is not the case. Watching videos may prep you, but they will never provide real life experience. And that’s what it’s all about anyway! Learning how to ride a horse will need your patience, perseverance and will to succeed. Whether you’re from Toronto, Markham or Newmarket, Faith Equine Connection  can help you on that matter.

Professionally Trained Horseback Rider

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Faith Arnold can help you develop the equestrian in you. With years of practical experience, and British Horse Society training, you can become the best horse rider that you could ever be.

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Training a young student

For inexperienced riders, their instructors take the responsibility of ensuring the safety and progress of the students in their horseback riding lessons. For the experienced ones, the coaching at Faith Equine Connection in Stouffville will guide and help students to perfect their techniques. This leads students to considerably improved performance. They provide different horse riding disciplines where they teach the students different riding tactics. This enhances the experience; be it for pleasure or to increase their competitive level.

Horseback Riding Safety & Techniques

The horse riding training they provide consists of lessons where they teach the students how they can find their balance on a horse. They learn how they can communicate with the animal. It also includes tips and practical techniques on how they can find harmony with their horse.

At Faith Equine Connection, they use tame, gentle and experienced horses for their horseback riding lessons, especially in training beginners. Horse care is a priority and the loving treatment of animals ensures a pleasant experience on the trail. Younger and inexperienced horses can often be difficult, awkward and hard to please, which might put the trainee’s life in danger. Your safety is always first and foremost of their priorities.

horse training stouffvilleFaith will prepare and develop you from someone who has no knowledge of horseback riding into a learned student. Someone who knows how to ride and understands the rules, guidelines and techniques for the sport. There are also horse riding videos and books on this website. This type of learning can be helpful. They teach the  safety rules of riding. This allows students  to enjoy their riding experience and help avoid any kind of preventable injuries. They also provide an understanding of what is required for success. But they don’t provide the experience. That’s what Faith provides.

The Karma of Horse Riding Training

The horse riding training and coaching at Faith Equine Connection focuses on enjoyment. The staff takes pleasure in teaching young and capable kids to ride. Watching a rider develop from someone who knew nothing about horseback riding into a capable rider is rewarding.   The efforts they have given in teaching them is magically returned with feelings of joy and satisfaction.

The horse riding training they provide is not just geared at improving riding skills. It’s also meant to help them improve  in other areas. At Faith Equine Connection, you are not just going to learn pleasure riding or competition-worthy riding techniques. They will encourage  your self confidence to blossom fully.

When it comes to horseback riding lessons from Toronto to Richmond Hill and other nearby towns, cities and communities, the staff at Faith Equine Connection definitely know their stuff. The horse riding knowledge they share with their students is first class. Anyone who has a knack for horseback riding will soon find evidence of how dedicated and passionate they are with their profession. You are bound to learn plenty with the experience they have in store for you. You will surely learn from the best.