Horse Riding in Stouffville & Newmarket

Horse Riding Stouffville and Newmarket

I remember clearly the day I decided that offering connection horse riding vivian fforest stouffvillewith horses was where my true joy is. After teaching for over 30 years it was such a relief to realize that I no longer had to make horses go around in endless circles, no longer stress myself by thinking that I have to offer ‘more action’.

When I listen to my clients, I find that, so often, what they truly seek is LESS action – more peace, love and connection with horses and nature. Where else can one find this?

Most riding establishments follow the age old, traditional pattern. Ride for an hour in a riding ring, walk, trot, canter, a couple of new exercises, maybe a couple of jumps – often bouncing, bumping, kicking and sweating. Do you get the feeling that somewhere along the road you lost touch with that childhood dream of riding through meadows, with the wind on your face, breathing the sweet country aroma, stopping to enjoy the view while your trustee steed munched on tasty grass?

When you come to Faith Equine Connection you get a horse experience tailored to YOUR DREAM, whether that be simply hanging out in the paddock, grooming, getting to understand horse body language or learning how to be a truly comfortable and effective rider.
We can walk gently over the lovely countryside or gallop madly up hills, jumping logs and laughing out loud!
It’s YOUR choice!